Why Choose PrideWRX?

Why Contract with PRIDEWRX for Packaging, Assembly, Inspection and Direct Mail Services
What if there were a production partner that offered high quality, reliable, competitively priced services while also making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals and enhancing your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen? That’s what you will find with PRIDEWRX.

Cost Effectiveness

Your company will find significant savings using contract services during peak periods or to supplement your own in-house capabilities on a regular basis.
PRIDEWRX offers significant savings to businesses and organizations. Your company will find by utilizing PRIDEWRX services during peak periods maybe just what your organizations needs. Perhaps you need supplementation of you own in house capabilities on an ongoing basis. Whatever your requirements, you’ll find PRIDEWRX contract & Packaging services offer quality, workmanship, competitive pricing, professional time studies, and supervision by experienced production, planning and coordination of employees.
• Save set up and avoid down time
• No hiring/firing required
• Save on FICA
• Save unemployment
• Reduce overtime
• Meet tight dead lines
• Reduce paper work & Processing
• Meet seasonal demands
• Quality Control

Dedicated Workforce

PRIDEWRX has a fully trained workforce who is ready to assist customers who don’t want the burden or cost of employing specialized staff to manufacture, assemble and produce.
Production Staff Include
• Director of Operations
• Plant Manager
• Project Foreman
• Production Coordinator
• Quality Control Technician
• Material handlers
• Crew Leaders 7 Drivers
• More than 100 trained employees
PRIDE Inc. employs an integrated work force of those with and without disabilities. PRIDE’s goal is to help individuals to participate in the economic mainstream of local communities, by offering supported work opportunities and employment related services. PRIDE serves as an important component of a community system fostering individual productivity, independence & integration. Many individuals who have a wide range of disabilities have the opportunity to work at PRIDE. They work either independently or with a production supervisor to complete assembly, packaging, labeling, and other types of contracts for numerous production customers. When you partner with PRIDE, you will receive the highest level of quality while contributing to our vision of a world that is inclusive.
AT PRIDEWRX inclusive hiring has had a powerfully positive impact on our culture. Not only do our employees with disabilities appreciate their jobs, but they bring incredible energy and a positive spirit to work every day. People with and without disabilities work side by side, producing the best possible products for our business to business customers.

Fully Equipped Facility

PRIDEWRX encompasses a 35,000 square foot fully equipped Facility. It is in this location that we are able to provide a wide variety of services and top quality workmanship that meet your criteria for success in a timely and efficient manner. Our competitive pricing, professional time studies and speedy quotes are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
• Automated Machinery
• Professional Time studies
• Free estimates
• 18’ Box truck for Delivery
Production Staff Include
• Director of Operations
• Plant Manager
• Project Foreman
• Production Coordinator
• Quality Control Technician
• Material handlers
• Crew Leaders 7 Drivers
More than 100 trained employees

Highly Efficient Operations

PRIDEWRX is diligent and proud of our measuring tools for our overall operational efficiency. In order to best measure and track our numbers PRIDEWRX focus’s in on our Performance Indicators on both input and output. PRIDEWRX is always looking at hard data to improve systems in place.

PRIDEWRX prides themselves on their communication with all of our customers. By open communication PRIDEWRX is able to involve a number of different practices that enable us to better utilize its resources and better implement and achieve a goal of excellence. PRIDEWRX is continuously thriving to improve our functional performance in order to achieve Operational excellence.

Top Quality Workmanship

PRIDEWRX has a strong work ethic that has kept us in business for over 40 years.  Our employees are well trained, knowledgeable and skilled at performing all tasks. Employees demonstrate their dedication to PRIDEWRX on a daily basis with a smile and a commitment to our Mission & Philosophy.  Employees at PRIDEWRX are commitment to paying attention to detail, the wiliness to learn and the creativity to always be able to find new and innovative ways to do things that save our customers money and time. We desire the highest level of quality in our attention to detail and quality assurance in all areas especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.

Social Responsibility & Good Corporate Citizenship

AT PRIDEWRX Corporate citizenship and Social Responsibility are at the for front of what we do. It is our intention to meet legal, ethical and economic responsibilities. PRIDEWRX takes an enormous amount of pride for being a socially responsible corporation. PRIDEWRX constantly takes initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being. PRIDEWRX continues to invest in our local communities giving back whenever possible. PRIODEWRX thrives to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to all our stakeholders. We are proud supporters to Earth Day Clean Up, Memorial Day Flagging, and Easter Seals fundraising and are members of The United Way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for contract services?

Services are all measured by standard stop watch which uses a 50 minute hour. PRIDEWRX labor rate is $32.00/ hour

What are the benefits of contracting with PRIDEWRK ?

35000 square foot facility for your production and warehousing,100 trained employees, 100+ employees, automated machines ,Professional time studies and quotations, 7 production staff including the Director of Operations, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Crew Leaders and Material Handler ,an 18 foot Box truck for pickup and delivery of your goods in a 60 mile radius of Taunton

Why Subcontract to PRIDEWRX?

Your Company may find significant savings using our services during peak periods or to supplement your own in-house capabilities on a regular basis. Our workforce of over 100 employees and our fully equipped facility can provide a quick response. Save on set-up and downtime costs. No hiring or firing required. Save on FICA and unemployment. Reduce overtime, paperwork and processing. Meet seasonal demands.

What is meant by packaging services?

Packaging can be a variety of things. Hand packaging collating one or more components inserting them in a box and fold locking the top or putting in a bag and sealing the bag (heat sealed, zip locked, or taped). Shrink wrapping, Blister packing, Vacuum /skin wrapping are methods of packaging that make a different presentation. We also include liquid filling, labeling, and capping of bottles in packaging. Samples are always available.

What is this service Direct Mail Services Prep’N Post?

This is all your mailing needs for daily mail, Monthly Bills Special Mailings best way to cut your mailing costs. Who in your office is assigned this month’s mailing? What other jobs could they be doing? Do you need this done yesterday? Do you understand all those postal regulations? We can make it all easier and save you money. Fold, stuff label, print, collate, staple, sealing, bar coding, addressing all done here.

What does “working to make a difference “mean?

It means after everything else being equal you saved money, got exceptional service you made a difference in a person’s life.

Contact PrideWRX

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Director of Operations
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Production Manager
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