Industries Served

Providing Packaging, Assembly, Inspection and Direct Mail Services to a Wide Range of Industries
PRIDWRX of Taunton, Massachusetts provides a full range of  packaging, assembly, inspection and direct mail services to a variety of industries with clients throughout Massachusetts, New England and beyond. We work closely with our customers to develop a custom solution designed to meet their unique needs and to deliver a product that exceeds their expectations. Our efficient operations, fully equipped facility, dedicated workforce and outstanding customer service make PRIDEWRX a great choice for cost effective contracted production services.

Wholesale Businesses

PRIDEWRX works with a variety of wholesalers to provide a range of Packaging/Repackaging services.
For example, many of our clients find PRIDEWRX to be an effective solution for handling closeouts. Our team can provide custom re-packaging, re-labeling, re-bagging, collating, or I-sealing of a variety of products for resale or on line sales.
Our efficient packaging and repackaging services allow our clients to present their products to a buyer in a different manner than may have been originally presented. These services also increase the ease of order picking.

Electronics Manufacturing

PRIDEWRX can help your electronic manufacturing business with Inspections, assembly, packaging/re-packaging.
We offer a wide variety of electronic and electronics packaging inspections, from simply inspecting product for damaged packaging, missing labels, incorrect pack counts to more intricate inspections of circuit boards, electrical components, and mold defects.
We can also handle assembly of electrical harnesses, circuit boards etc. to meet your company’s precise specifications.


PRIDEWRX works extensively with clients in the cosmetics industry.
We offer hand wrapping and assembly of soaps, lotions, personal care products. We have wrapped products for several different higher end companies. Our assemblers / wrappers have spent hundreds of hours learning the techniques needed to produce a quality wrapped item.


PRIDEWRX provides a comprehensive set of packaging, assembly  and direct mail services to retailers and e-commerce companies in order to help make their operations more efficient.
With our personal approach and attention to detail we are able to provide custom solutions to companies of all sizes from start-ups to established Brands.
With our fully equipped facility and skilled staff, we can offer your company a secure and visually pleasing way to present your product to customers. Among other services, we offer blister packaging, shrink wrapping and I-sealing to present your products in their best light.
PRIDEWRX is also able to provide support for your promotional efforts through our direct mail services.


PRIDEWRX is able to provide a variety of packaging services to the medical/healthcare industry.
These service may include sample pack production, bagging and kitting of medical products or equipment, assembly and mailing.
We work closely with our clients in the medical sector to develop custom packaging solutions to suit their specific needs. Our fully equipped facility and skilled, attentive staff ensures that your medical/healthcare packaging needs are handled with the utmost care and precision.

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Director of Operations
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